About Us

Like before.. We are -Fatality, We are I.T.Y.L . We are a fun and helpful clan that enjoy CoD. We play daily and expect all clan members to do the same. We play to win hence the need for a clan. Our clan is a PS3 clan, not XBOX. If we do have clan members that go xbox to represent then I will be sure to share with everyone. Every recruit will start off as a recruit.

To join our clan!

  • Must be an active player
  • Must have a mic
  • K/D has to be around 1.30 and above. (IF its lower but show the clan leader that your better than your K/D than you might have a chance)
  • Must be serious! ( If you join a clan, you are expected to do clan ops and whatever possible to help the clan.)
  • Able to listen and follow the clan and team leaders.
  • Willing and wanting to increase your rank within the clan. (The will to do better and want better shows ambition and dedication. Thats what we need)


So now your a recruit. How do you rank up? You must play with the clan leader and the founder of the clan. Show your skills in a match that the clan leader chooses. We wont let our recruits go unchallenged and every player has a chance to show his/her skill. If you prove that you are skilled enough to move up in rank then the clan leader will rank you as appropriate.

History of project

In this part you can describe the project's history and give reasons for its creation. It is convinient to mention project milestones and honor participating people.